My Timber Timeline



It’s said that everybody has a book in them, in my case it’s not a book but a website. I’ve been trying to build a website for years with a lot of wasted time and money with college courses and books but now I’ve done it. I’ve used HTML5 and CSS and other script in Dreamweaver, every part is my own work, photos, icons, graphics and writings. All the woodwork items you see on here are all done by me and before you say ‘yes but what about….’ Yes I did that too. So this is a ‘timeline’ of me. All my working life and a good part of my leisure time have been taken up with this precious resource, the Tree. I've used it's endless versatility to make staircases, woodcarving, sculpture, bonsai and educating people about its value and versatility. I once got offered some woodcarving chisels and I produced carvings and sculpture. This site is a personal journey of my life as it has weaved in and out of the tree and the resulting product, wood. My work has been published in Woodworker, Woodcarving, Understanding Woodcarving and Lancashire Life magazines. I got interested in the growing tree through Bonsai to learn all their scientific names and gathered an extensive knowledge of dendrology to give tours round the arboretum at Tatton Park, Cheshire. I’ve visited all the major parks and gardens around Britain, worked with schools and local education on a sculpture trail and to carve a totem pole for Bolton City Challenge (Lancashire. Images; Some pictures will be hidden if viewing on a mobile device, all the images will be seen on a tablet or larger device. The photo here is me being hugged by a 2,500 year old Yew tree; you see if you love trees, they love you back!